Autopilot: AI for Creators with Will and Maggie

May 28 2024 . 36 min listen

In this episode of the Autopilot podcast on Turpentine, Will Summerlin sits down with Maggie Sin, the CEO and cofounder of MyCompanions.AI.

She shares her journey from being an influencer to leveraging AI to address the pain points in fan engagement and monetization, ethical considerations, how current engagements are being outsourced, mental health and the loneliness pandemic, and more.

Important Section of the Conversation
  • [00:00] Exploring the creator economy and AI's role
  • [01:07] Welcome to Autopilot: The AI and Automation Podcast
  • [01:54] Maggie's journey: From influencer to AI entrepreneur
  • [04:07] The evolution of social media and creator-fan interaction
  • [06:30] Current state of engagements being outsourced to the Philippines
  • [11:42] The future of AI in enhancing creator-fan engagement
  • [19:15] Voice and video: The next frontier in AI interaction
  • [32:06] The mental health debate: AI's impact on social media addiction and loneliness
  • [35:37] Closing thoughts and where to find more

Full episode also available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple, and Audacy.